Politics Without Politicians ?

June 2001

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Table of Contents

Politics Without Politicians ?

Politics in spite of politicians

New Politics - new resolutions

From old to new politics - confronting corporate power with consumer power


New Politics - Consequences

New Politics - New Relationships

Redistribution of power

New but a long heritage - eg

Citizens arrestsí but no system

Politics but no global standards

And no global limits

Severe limitations

New Politics Exists

Why People Don't Trust Business + Politics

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America and Rest-Of-The-World Syndrome ?

Separate Development ?

Separate Development - Apartheid Perceived

www.boycott-bush.org www.stopesso.co.uk

Exxon Mobil

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Global free trade lacks a licence to operate

New battle lines are forming

Businesses will need to take sides

The End/ Beginning

Author: Chris Rose

Email: info@campaignstrategy.org