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New UK Climate and Values Study Results

A nationally representative study of motivational psychological values and climate change is published here for the first time. It raises important questions for the UK Government and NGO campaigns to 'mobilise public concern' about climate change which currently lack nationally representative information about public motivations and climate.

- See Campaign Strategy newsletter No.12 for a headline summary
- Climate Change Communications - Dipping A Toe Into Public Motivation (90kb pdf)
- Climate Values Study Data Set (1.2Mb pdf)


Values voters and issues:
A unique psychological mapping of voters in Britain

Everyone's saying that values are important in politics. Commentators are forecasting a sea change in British politics, with 'cultural values' rather than the old ideologies at the centre. But many then go on to analyse voting and non-voting shifts in those very terms.

The Voters and Values survey (commissioned by Campaign Strategy Ltd and Cultural Dynamics Strategic Marketing Ltd and conducted in the field by BRMB) provides the first national map of how deep psychological values - defined by meeting subconscious needs - have changed the way the British relate to politics, and much besides.

We show how Labour has achieved its broader base, the "ethical issues" domination of the Liberal Democrats, and the security-driven base of the Conservatives.

We identify key battlegrounds for the parties if they are to hold or compete for the psychological groups.

We also reveal the dynamic behind Britain's large "relaxed and disinterested" slice of the population simply too content to engage with politics.

The survey results and discussion are available for download below.

1. Values And Voter Survey 2005 Part 1: Mapping Psychological Change In The UK (530k pdf)
How the Maslow-based 'value modes' system works

2. Values And Voter Survey 2005 Part 2: How The Political Parties Map Across Values (111k pdf)
What the survey found in terms of identification with parties

3. Values And Voter Survey 2005 Part 3: What This Could Mean For Social Causes And British Political Life (82k pdf)
How changing psychology has overtaken political structures and processes

4. Values And Voter Survey 2005 Part 4: What This Could Mean For The 2005 Election (41k pdf)
The opportunities, strengths and weaknesses

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Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing ( advises organizations of all kinds on the implications of changing Cultural and Individual Values on policies, processes and procedures. Its methods are based on quantitative research that has been conducted since 1973, measuring the Values, Beliefs and Motivations of (primarily) the UK population.